What to Expect when Working with Teresa Watkins

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Design Process

Here’s what to expect when working with me.

  1. Contact me! I usually respond within 6 hours.

  2. We’ll set up an appointment so that I can see the property before I can answer your questions.

  3. We’ll get together and walk the property to find out what you’re looking for and agree on working together.

  4. Once I receive your deposit, I’ll take "Before Photographs" — anywhere from 80 - 200, from every angle.

  5. I’ll then send you the landscape consultation notes for review along with a receipt for your deposit.

  6. I’ll create a Pinterest board for you to pin your favorite pictures and sources of inspiration.

  7. Next I’ll design a unique, one-of-a-kind landscape for you with 24" x 36" CAD landscape plans.

  8. We’ll meet to go over the landscape concept for approval or amendments. Usually there are no more than 2 rounds of amendments and I've never had someone say "that's not what we talked about" or "I/We don't like it."

  9. I’ll then finalize the plan to your specifications. 

  10. If I am hired to oversee the project,  I then get bids and approval as necessary for tear out, landscaping, hardscape, docks, lighting, irrigation, and outdoor kitchens. 

  11. Then we’ll schedule the project. My clients are responsible for paying contractors, but I am with them the whole time as an intermediary, making sure that contractors arrive on time and know what to do. I inspect the work, and, on plant installations, I am there to place plants, and sometimes move them to a better location. I'm flexible if something looks better or needs to be turned around, I do it.  That's not something landscape maintenance companies usually do or know how to do. They just follow the plan.

  12. After installation, I provide a book with my guidelines, Extension publications of every plant in their landscape, how to take care of them, how to take care of irrigation system, and what to do throughout the year. 

    Once the project is done, I’m available for questions. You my call or email me any time! I’d also be thrilled to keep working with you. I've been rehired for 2nd and 3rd phases, and hired by various members of the same family to do their yards.