Your Designer for Florida-Friendly Landscaping

Whether you’re a builder needing to design according to codes or minimize environmental disruption or a homeowner looking for a beautiful backyard oasis, Teresa Watkins has the solutions you need for a seamless design and installation process.

Teresa has vast horticultural experience within Florida and connections with contractors, agencies, and growers that extend well beyond her own backyard.


  • Designed the landscape of the first certified “green home” by Florida Green Build Council in the state of Florida.

  • Taught over 36,000 homeowners about Florida-friendly landscaping practices

  • Is a Fellow and Alumna with the University of Florida's Natural Resource Leadership Institute, Class VII 2007

  • Is a 20-year Master Gardener

  • Is a specialized horticulturist, providing leadership and design solutions to help clients in restoring habitats, creating ecosystems, and installing sustainable landscapes for residential and commercial properties.